Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Roof top Terraces

Roof Terrace at 'The Cube' civic offices, Corby.
More and more schools are considering the use of roof terraces and raised external learning spaces, as a way of boosting usual space for things like social spaces, external dining facilities and increasing learning opportunities.
Projects I am currently working on include several secondary schools wanting to create an upper floor sixth form external terrace, an external design technology terrace, a Year 7 recreation space as well as an small recreation terrace for SEN students.
The thought of these often fills people with horror especially when they start shouting about health and safety. However, with careful design and a clear organisational model, schools and students are excited about these ideas coming to fruition.
They don't have to be boring or plain spaces. With careful selection of materials, furniture and clever planting, they can be some of the best spaces around. It could easily be argued that not using roof spaces for students is a real wasted opportunity.
How will they work on the schemes currently under development? - watch this space for more details when they have been built.

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