Sunday, 10 July 2011

Classrooms Displays

The fortieth anniversary celebration of ArchitecturePLB was held a couple of days ago at the Royal Veterinary College in London, I was delighted to be invited to attend. I have worked on a number of projects with this really successful company on a range of education projects - and have always found them really great t0 work with. They listen and develop ideas that deliver the vision and work - in other words they get it!

The celebration venue was really interesting. Whilst there was lots of talking, networking, general catching up and looking at a range of models of various schemes, several people also looked around the venue itself.

I visit lots of classrooms, but fairly predictably, in the RVC, each room seemed to be full of large skeletons of animals various. They certainly created an interesting and eye catching display, but maybe it was a little gruesome as well. (As one colleague noted, at least we weren't in rooms with jars of internal organs.)

It really reminded me that I have been to a couple of schools recently where classroom display of any sort has been extremely sparse with vast expanses of bare walls. Effective display really adds to the nature of the space and can really contribute to the learning process.... when it's missing, it really is a missed opportunity for everyone!
On a lighter note, another source of conversation was the pink wheelbarrow..... eye catching it was , but, despite being surrounded by architects and builders, I'm not sure it will ever see a construction site!!!

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