Thursday, 14 July 2011

'Design Engineer Construct!' attracts massive interest!

The launch of the new 'Design Engineer Construct!' curriculum last week has certainly fired the imagination of schools, construction professionals and educationalists both here and abroad in the past few days. I wrote about the launch just a few days ago in a separate post.

The release resulted in one of the first articles in last weeks Construction Manager Magazine which again has produced several enquiries from a variety of firms. Talking to more and more educationalists in recent days has really proved how unique this innovative curriculum is and what demand and appetite there is for it in many schools. It will not be for everyone, but there are increasing numbers of schools grabbing it with both hands and aiming to implement it as quickly as possible.
The years spent developing this idea by Alison Watson and Dan Gibson, Directors of Class Of Your Own has been really well spent and for students has resulted in exciting curriculum opportunities for students. For those who haven't seen it yet, I do recommend it.

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