Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'Design Engineer Construct' - a new curriculum from Class of Your Own!

I am delighted to see that the innovative new curriculum 'Design Engineer Construct' has been launched this week by the fabulous team at Class of Your Own. This really exciting curriculum has been developed after years of working with young people in an increasing range of schools. The interest already is massive, both nationally and internationally. Regular readers will remember that I wrote a previous blog about the students at Accrington Academy talking about their eco classroom project at the cefpi World Conference in San Jose a year ago. 'Design Engineer Construct' is the development of this programme.

It is NOT just another construction programme with a focus on bricks, concrete and muck - it's much more apsirational than that. So what is it all about?
The classofyourown® Design, Engineer, Construct! project based curriculum challenges young learners to create a sustainable building where the whole community can learn about all things green in their very own Eco Classroom.
Students will meet key professionals involved as their building programme progresses to provide a clear appreciation of the wide range of career opportunities in the Built Environment sector including Architect, Land Surveyor, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Construction Manager, Landscape Architect and Facilities Manager. They will discover real life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as they discover the most creative and effective ways to enhance and improve their own school environment.

Using professional Autodesk® software, students can bring their innovative designs to life and link with real life professionals to discover the 3D world of Building Information Modelling (BIM). This hi tech visualisation software is used by some of the brightest, most inspirational designers around the world, from Manchester to Mumbai, Hull to Hollywood.... and it’s supported by an Online Education Community that is second to none. (Discover more at http://students.autodesk.com/)

The curriculum covers the key areas of sustainability, community engagement, professional responsibilities in a construction programme, planning requirements, procurement,constructing and evaluating their design in a 3D virtual environment and compare work with other students nationally and globally. It has already been targetted at involving students on not just ecl classrooms but also on local heritage schemes. More on this to follow!

Even better it leads to the Edexcel 'Project' Qualification (see www.edexcel.com/project) so students can be accredited for the unique projects that they develop.

'Design Engineer Construct' is rapidly being endorsed and accepted by schools and a wide range of companies as a really outstanding programme and does what lots of people have been paying lip service for ages, but not doing a good job. This actually does the job!

When I was asked to endorse this, it was easy to do..... 'Design Engineer Construct' provides opportunities, raises awareness, raises aspiration, uses 'real' industry standard software whilst working with real people doing real jobs! We already know that it really engages students and staff. How much better can it get?

To learn more about Class of Your Own click here

To learn more about the Design, Engineer Construct curriculum click here

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