Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Socks and creative thinking

Visiting another primary recently I was quite attracted to numerous displays that were just a bit different. Instead of the usual commercial posters demonstrating numbers that are seen everywhere for example, one classroom had a washing line of socks with numbers attached to do the same thing. But not just any old socks - these were eye catching, colourful and fun. They were also used for many different activities, colour, creative writing, matching, measuring not just to demonstrate number.

One teacher had a good idea, took the time and energy and acted on it. It just helped make the classroom a bit different, a bit more fun and was only part of a range of exciting displays. Teachers do make a difference and those who experiment and act on a range of creative ideas make it even better for their students.
There is no deep education philosophical point here - it is simply something that caught my eye and shows a sense of humour.

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Anonymous said...

Making the classroom more fun - somewhere interesting to be, where pupils can express themselves encourages involvement and must be good!