Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Primary School break out spaces..

Schools are frequently calling out for more space, more meeting rooms, small group work areas and places for staff to meet with parents. But small created social breakout spaces are often not seen in primary schools for some reason. I'm not sure why.

I am impressed with a primary school I have been working with recently who, despite a massive lack of space in the context of an old building, have really pursued the idea of small flexible spaces that can be used by a range of people at any time. This has largely been achieved through the smart use of clever furniture selection - especially through the provision of a number of small seating areas that can be used in many ways but that also give elements of privacy.
Further than that, they have utilised a room just through from Reception that has almost become a 'living room' domestic type space where lots of activities can happen. The school even refers to it as that. Parents may be there meeting with staff, staff may be using it to prepare, multi agency staff meet there, students may be working in groups, or doing project work there.. approved visitors may wait there or any combination of all of them. Having been there, whilst it may be a bit cluttered, it works!!
It reflects creative thinking in the use of space, a willingness to be really adaptable and not precious about spaces only having one function. More schools could learn from this model.

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Sarah B said...

I am looking for furniture and panels to create these sorts of spaces in my school. They look perfect! Where can I get them from?

Sarah B.