Wednesday, 21 September 2011

International sharing and debate

The panel: Steven Bingler (Canada), Irene Nigaglioni (USA), Simon Harris (Australia), Alison Watson (UK), Mikael Gustufsson (Sweden)
The final day of the cepfi conference in Nashville was dominated by an international panel debating and answering questions. With representatives from America, Australia, Sweden and our own Alison Watson from 'Class of Your Own' in the UK fielding the questions, dialogue was focused and invigorating.

Topics included the role of students in designing their own learning, the influence of the change of structure between schools and the work place, changing cultures in schools and the role of learning environments and so so much more. One interesting question was why do education conferences usually take place outside from schools - why not sit in the rooms, on the furniture with young people and have a real "collision of minds?" Why not indeed?
Inevitably, the professional discussions were at their peak on the last day - it always happens that way... but the more we meet to continue them, the more challenging they become!

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