Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sharing great practice - cefpi Annual Conference 2011

I've spent the last few days at the cefpi Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where I was not only a delegate but also a speaker as well. This is the fourth of their conferences I have attended and the highlight is always hearing about the best practice from around the world, the networking, school design exhibitions and the school tours. (cefpi - Council of Education Facilities Planners International). A bonus this year were three interpretations of what classrooms of the future may look like! Interesting ideas - more on this later.

Not only have I made firm friends with a number of leading professionals in the education / school design field, but also learned a great deal and continue to do so. It's very easy to stay away from international conferences, especially in today's economic climate - the numbers attending did seem to be fewer this year, despite still being in the many hundreds of delegates. The exchange of information and really professional conversations, from a range of perspectives and experiences formal and informal still inspire me. Even better there were half a dozen of us from the UK this year and I am sure that the numbers will increase as cefpi expands. I'm already being asked to go the next years conference - it may be hard to stay away!

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