Monday, 5 September 2011

Unfortunate Signage

I often seem to end up commenting about the quality of signage, graphics and colour in schools. It is important.

Visiting one school recently though, I did think that labelling a door as the entrance to a department as well as a WC (as above) was bizarre - it certainly caused comment and amusement. I would not be so happy if i was the Head of Art!
It makes me wonder whether people consider what visitors, students, staff and other people actually see when they put notices up!


Anonymous said...

It is a depressing trend that an increasing number of notices and signs seem to be erected with little, if any, common sense.

This is not just in the education field - but it would be helpful if schools could show how things should be done - set the standard!

Gareth Long said...

I absolutely agree - just so many people do not think it is important. Thank you for posting