Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Young People in Weavers' Triangle

I was delighted to attend the formal launch of the new 'Design - Engineer - Construct!' curriculum as a key part of the new 'Weavers' Triangle'Project in Burnley today.

This project, in association with Burnley Council, will be a fantastic example of young people contributing to the regeneration of Weavers' Triangle by using state of the art full professional standard software, including Autodesk and Revitt to study a historic building within this conservation area. Project in Burnley today.
The students have been really fortunate to have been given their own 'real' project in the form of the old Habergham Eaves Parochial School, which despite looking in quite good condition in the photograph above is, in fact, in a very more state indeed, both structurally and internally.

What is really exciting is the recognition by Burnley Council of the real role that young people can play in major community projects like this, the learning possibilities it brings and the perspective they can contribute. This is an important project to Burnley in regenerating a large canal side derelict area of old mills etc, with the intention of attracting jobs and investment to the town. Involving youngsters will help create a sense of belonging and caring about their own area.
Students undertaking this 'real' project will also be able to gain the nationally recognised Project qualification by leading international examination board Edexcel.
Regular readers of the blog will already know that the new 'Design - Engineer - Construct!' curriculum has been created by the innovative 'Class of Your Own' company. It is quickly attracting considerable in schools in the UK as well from several countries abroad.

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