Thursday, 13 October 2011

Futures Learning Trust

I was delighted to be able to attend the launch of the 'Futures Learning Trust' at Burnley Football Club recently.

The 'Futures Learning Trust' is a collaboration between local schools, John Moore's University, The Life Channel and been 'adopted' as the key community project by Burnley Football Club. The real focus is young people and seizing opportunities for innovation, change and development through challenge, communication and collaborative working. On the basis that everyone can always do better, the priority for the partnership of local businesses, higher education and schools is to take take students, teachers and school leaders to "the next level".
Having never visited Burnley before, I was struck by the feeling of community around these schools and a determination to work together and not in competition against each other, for the sake of the students. This project is being driven by some outstanding school leaders, and having seen their passion and commitment, this is a project to watch in the future. Equally important is the priority given to student involvement - this is a project with their leadership and engagement being really valued and not one being 'done to them'. I am sure that some of the projects that they undertake will be 'groundbreaking'! I very much hope to be involved in some way in the future!

A real highlight of the event was a fab performance by children from the Padiham St Leonard's Primary School at half time. Their performance, a highly edited version of their school show, lasted just seven minutes, but the energy and passion they showed was great. The 'stage', the whole pitch was a daunting venue in front of 13,500 thousand spectators. Their narrator certainly outshone the professional announcer during the match where Burnley thrashed Nottingham Forest 5:1! The standing ovation they got from the crowd at the end really did reflect a fantastic whole community feeling, to an extent I have rarely seen.
For a local media report of their performance click here

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