Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Who Owns Community Noticeboards?

Community noticeboards - who 'owns' them?
More and more schools are keen to be central parts of the community, and several schemes I have worked on have talked about having community noticeboards.
Community noticeboards are great and many people love reading the things on them. BUT they only work if someone takes ongoing responsibility for them. If no one does they can be truly dreadful things, such as the one above. The problem is that poorly maintained noticeboards create problems. I am a true believer that graffiti breeds graffiti, equally creating really low expectations encourages low expectations. These noticeboards are often the first impression of any institution. What does they tell you about it?
Well maintained community notice boards can really work well in schools but only if part of a co-ordinated strategy. If schools can't be bothered to really look after them then it is better not to have them at all than just celebrate a public display of low expectations!

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