Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Bloodhound Project

I was very pleased recently to spend some time alone talking with Richard Noble, former land speed record holder during WISE2012 in Doha. He was enthusing about the fantastically ambitious and exciting new 'Bloodhound' land speed record project.

It is ambitious, and as it aims for speeds over one thousand miles an hour frankly, it sounds a bit scary to a lay person like me.

The 1,000 mph Bloodhound car is now into build and the Bloodhound website is now being followed in 211 countries. Bloodhound will be running in 2013 and 2014 in South Africa (thousands of tons of stones are currently being moved from the desert right now).
The REAL beauty is the real emphasis given to education throughout the project. The UK school operation is being run through 4,729 schools. The Bloodhound website already shows how some schools are interacting with this project.
What is really exciting and a real live learning opportunity for schools everywhere is that ALL the operational data from the car will streamed live to the web so that they can follow the programme. The Project Team are also developing an on line educational academy which will provide sufficient education for the web followers to interpret and understand the data. All this goes on the website
This is a really exciting opportunity for schools - it is a cutting edge 'real' project in every way - I just hope that as many as possible get involved.

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