Tuesday, 3 January 2012

cefpi Article - Students Designing their Learning

Talking at conferences in the United States last year, (the cefpi Annual Conference in Nashville and NSSEA Conference in San Antonio), about the power of engaging with students in their own learning seemed to strike a chord with many delegates. There really was a surprising acceptance from many that we really must start approaching learning differently in the Third Millennium and involving young people not only in the planning and delivery of it, but also in the design of the spaces that they are expected to learn in.

I say surprising because at other events I have attended in the USA the delivery method has frequently come across as fixed. As for creating appropriate learning environments, Facility Managers seem to have made more decisions based on bulk purchase of vinyl flooring and chairs etc than ensuring spaces were an appropriate response to the appropriate pedagogy required. Add to that the thought of consulting students about designing their own learning......... and some have thought it was a crazy idea. But why wouldn't you?
This led to me writing another article for the latest cefpi magazine 'Education Facility Planner' entitled "Students Designing their Learning" The feedback has been excellent and very generous. I am humbled but pleased that people enjoyed it. To read the article in full, please click here. All comments welcomed - as usual!

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