Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Curriculum Change - Michael Rosen to Mr Gove

A great open 'letter' appears in The Guardian newspaper this week, from internationally acclaimed author Michael Rosen, to the UK's Secretary of State for Education, the Right Honourable Mr Michael Gove.

It's all about the ever changing school curriculum and the news that the new curriculum guidance which was expected soon, is going to be delayed for a year.

What ever Michael Rosen writes is always engaging and captivating. The same can be said when he is working with students. As a Headteacher, he visited my school and spent the day working with my secondary students and then also with students from feeder primary schools who visited for a half day. It was just the best day with all the students fortunate enough to attend getting so much out of it. The impact was even better with the followup work undertaken by the students and guided by staff achieving the highest standards.

The 'letter' is gentle, but the points included are well made.
To read it in full, please click here:

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