Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bangkok Patana School

I have friends with children who are fortunate enough to attend the new Bangkok Patana School in Thailand. I recently watched their promotional video through a link on YouTube - it really is a fantastic facility and students who attend and staff that work there are really fortunate.

Whilst it IS very much promotional, it is interesting to see areas of the school that demonstrate a wide range of furniture, fixtures and equipment. The school obviously thinks it is important to help create good professional learning environments and ensure that students can sit and learn in professional standard furniture. It says so much about the ethos of respect of the school.
We know furniture and environments makes a massive difference to learning, despite some of the nonsense being spouted by politicians currently. As I continue to be involved with numerous school schemes around the UK, I do get depressed when ff&e is the first thing that gets cut as a 'frill' or clients ask for hundreds of identical chairs that could have been around decades ago. Life and expectation is changing, schools should be as well. Sitting students on cheap uncomfortable chairs in identical spaces just cannot be right, nor productive. No wonder they lose concentration, motivation and engagement.

To watch video of this amazing school, click here.

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Emma Goligher said...

We are glad you enjoyed the video Gareth. If you are ever in Bangkok in the future please drop by and see us; we would love to show you round so you can see our professional learning environments first hand.