Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A new beginning....

It was quite depressing walking round an empty semi-derelict primary school last week - seeing odd splashes of colour against collapsing ceilings, girder supports holding up walls, water dripping through ceilings and so on. The fact that we were standing in snow as well did not help.

To make it worse, I was accompanying staff who had worked in that particular building five years earlier. Memories and anecdotes were mentioned as we walked round every part of the building.
The exciting part of this particular project in the London Borough of Southwark, is that I am involved in helping the design process to rebuild and extend this dilapidated building to create a new primary school fit for the Third Millennium. Lots of challenges as the photographs show, as well as the building having listed planning status. Very close neighbours provide additional restrictions.
The design stages have started and there are real challenges in trying to adapt existing Victorian spaces to accept a wide range of teaching pedagogy's and adjacency's.... It's fun, it's thought provoking - but this old building really does deserve to be brought back to life for hundreds of local primary students.
More on this project as it develops over the next eighteen months.

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