Thursday, 1 March 2012

New school - new efforts?

I was fortunate enough to be at the 'first day' of school for students as they entered a brand new secondary school building last week. It really was a case of leave their old building at the start of the half term break and return to the new one at the start of the next half term. Elements of the new building were constructed literally feet way from some class rooms so students have been able to monitor the construction process from day one.

There was a very positive and purposeful feeling about the students as they returned to school. They were keen to see around and there was early appreciation of their new lockers and ID badges. Much more importantly though, they were overheard saying that their classrooms were so much better, lighter, smarter and more professional that it would help make them work harder.
It is a fabulous building, although slightly cramped for a while as the buildings they have just vacated get demolished and the next phase of construction takes place. Once finished though the whole integrated campus will make a real difference from the random selection of buildings they left. The plans look great and the construction team from Balfour Beatty, working with the LEP '4 Futures' have operated as real partners with the school. This team approach has made the whole process apparently painless.
We'll see if the building does make a difference long term to students attainment, but the early signs and unprompted words look promising!

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