Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Old and New - technology everywhere

There are not many Reception age classroom that I have visited where the balance between traditional dim new are quite so obvious and so integrated. In a Merthyr Tydfil school in Wales, I was struck by the arrangement that had a good old sand tray quite close to the interactive white board, next to shelves of reading books, sand toys and also open shelves containing ICT kit for the pupils. Neat it certainly was - used it also was!

With free choice everywhere and a range of easily accessible kit it was quite a special room. There were little recording devices next to the books so the 4 and 5 year old pupils could record what they said and hear it back straight away. There was ICT everywhere that was easy to reach when ever they wanted: easy to use robust video cameras. microphones, walkie talkies, programmable bugs and so on. Nothing 'special' or 'hidden away' about the ICT here.
It does, of course, carry on further up the school where ICT is everywhere to use, when it is appropriate and when needed. Of course it is the way forward... I just wish more schools were as trusting and progressive enough from the days pupils entered the school!

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