Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Simple Cable Management

Whilst in a new school recently I spotted these tables designed for simple cable management when pushed together in groups. The small cut out recess in the table top means computer cables can run from the floor box below providing power and maybe data, to laptops etc without getting squashed between the desk tops.

It's a simple, easy and cost effective design that will work for many schools. Some tables with installed cable management systems cost a fortune, putting them out of reach for the majority.
There is a bigger debate about the practicality of floor boxes in schools, and with the costs of school buildings being driven down, the affordability of them. However, in many schools they work well and support flexibility in how learning is organised which can only be a good thing. If floor boxes are installed simply for laptops or notebooks being plugged in, then as battery life continues to increase there could be less need for them... (as long as people keep their devices charged!).
Given the choice, but depending on the type of school, I'd still have them installed. Flexibility and options still work for me every time!

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