Friday, 22 June 2012

the-learning-crowd: Excellent Teaching and Learning in Wales

Associates from our company: 'the-learning-crowd' are delighted to have been invited to attend the Welsh Government / HOVEP (Heads of the Valleys Education Project) conference: 'Excellent Teaching and Learning - How can technology help?' next week and help facilitate workshop groups of Headteachers and other delegates.

Led by Professor Stephen Heppell, the conference will consider many of the opportunities the future holds for education.  In addition to the keynote and numbers of workshops, there will be a Teach Meet afterwards where local good practice can be shared.  And good practice there is!  We identified several outstanding examples of fantastic transformational practice using technology during our background research for the report.  

I really like Teach Meet sessions - it's not about people from outside coming in and saying what should be done but absolutely about local schools sharing what they feel is working and what are the lessons learnt.  One of the better form of development.

the-learning-crowd has been involved with HOVEP since last year when we were commissioned to write a detailed report and action plan for education transformation in the HOVEP region.  (Merthyr Tydfil and Bleanau Gwent. 

The resulting report, even if described as comprehensive and hard hitting, is being used to help define strategy and action for coming months.

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