Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bookless School

I encourage you all to watch this short video.  There is no doubt that tablets / slates and laptops are the way forward in education.  May be not today or next year, but very soon!  No matter what the negative  press about a few schools, with a careful implementation strategy students will be able to use the technology that they use at home.

So many students use iPads or smart phones etc.... when they get to school they still use clunky old computers in so many schools.  How can that be right?

I cannot believe even this week I am work ing with a school which has total wifi and is getting a significant refurbishment who are trying to design in one computer room for nearly five hundred students!  Why?  Technology should be fully integrated into learning so students use it as and when they need it..

I applaud Essa for being brave - it is the only way forward to fully engage students in their learning!

To watch this BBC video click here.

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MerthyrAdvisor said...

A brilliant film I agree - really highlights the embedded nature of technology at ESSA. Of course, not all schools can deliver it to this extent - this takes time, money and strategy! But it's aspirational - ICT suites are arguably no longer required in schools.