Thursday, 7 March 2013

"Daft as Matching Haircuts"

"Daft as Matching Haircuts" is one of the classic quotes emerged today from friend and colleague Professor Stephen Heppell.

A news story on the BBC website describes the new Amplify tablet launched by the Murdoch group, which will be issued with their own learning software on it as well as tools for teachers on monitoring progress and attendance.

Technology is the way forward in learning - we all know that. There is a massive increase in how much people research, learn, discuss, collaborate as a result of smart technology - you just have to be in a group of people and watch the amount of use phones, iPads etc get!  Why would anyone what to limit themselves to one limited resource rather than use the massive range already freely available on the web?

It notes that for parents they can monitor their child's progress and have online chatrooms.  This capability exists already.  I'm not sure what's new here.

Students mostly have better technology at home than in school currently, it's a common complaint. They want the same capacity or better.  Not a more limiting machine.

It is going to be a tough market for them I suggest.

To read the full BBC article click here.

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