Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Digital Learning Zone

Visiting a new environment recently, I just liked this little small learning zone, based around a digital screen.  Seating about five people, the area was enhanced by good quality chairs and table and acoustic screens round to reduce / deaden the sound for those working.

It is easy to imagine such zones in schools for Skype conversations with other countries, editing movies, preparing presentations ...... and so much more.  How many are actually innovative enough to try them?

Friday, 17 May 2013

External Environments matter too!

Visiting a primary school last week, I was really quite depressed about the state of the external environment.  Yard upon yard upon yard of fencing, some quite unnecessary and which gave a real prison feel, through to some old fencing which was in such a state it was positively dangerous. It also looked shocking!  (see photo)

I simply asked the question about what message it gave the young students? - it says lots about dilapidation, not caring, a lack of engagement with the pupils....  why should they care if their school looks like this.

Fortunately I was there because the very new Headteacher really does want to make a difference, especially to the outside environment...   it would be great if I can post another picture in a few months time which showed something so so different!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

t-l-c sponsored networking event

The first networking / tweetup event sponsored by the-learning-crowd took place on the 30th April and was declared a fantastic success by all those who attended. Approximately 40 people reprepresenting architects, construction conpanies, education furnture designers and suppliers, Local Authorities, Local Education Partnerships, education publishing, Technology all attended.
There were numerous conversations that were interesting and passionate with lots of ideas and knowledge sharing.  So engaged were people that the time flew by and some were still there really quite late!  Many  people commented that this type of forum was exactly what has been missing for the past year or two, which was exactly why we decided to sponsor this first event.  So enthused were participants that we ahave already had at least four companies offering to host the next one.  
There was also a Tweetup competition for the best tweet from the evening under #schooldesign.  The bottle of champagne for the best tweet was won by HLM Architects.
How we best follow this is being discussed now, but there will be a follow up event..  Watch this space for more news!