Thursday, 1 August 2013

Curvy Tables

Whilst visiting a primary school recently, we were pleased to spot some really interesting furniture in the Early Years / Foundation Stage rooms.

Rather than the boring rectangular tables we so often see, we spotted a number of fun, really curvy and interesting tables that were great for group work and also teacher supported work.  They can still be joined together to form fabulous bigger tables.  (See above)   

And, rather than the usual rather nasty uncomfortable chairs we so often see, were really comfortable ergonomically designed chairs and the totally great Hokki stools (or 'wobbly stools' as they are often known).  

Even at this age, comfortable chairs, aimed to support developing backs are essential and definitely worth the costs.  The Hokki is designed to enable backs to flex and move naturally as students work.

The furniture is by VS.  Regular readers know that we have long been fans of their furniture - it's great to visit a school that is totally furnished by them,  I'd say they were pretty enlightened really about the importance of getting furniture for young people right!

For more on VS furniture click here.

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