Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Seating for Engagement

Whilst visiting Wapping Free School recently, I was shown round the site a day or two before it opened.

I was really impressed, not only by some of the exciting and innovative teaching spaces, but also by some of the furniture that had been selected.  

One area of particular interest was the attractive tiered seating selected for a central area in the school for lessons, debates / presentations / meetings / socialising etc.  Added to that was an interactive digital screen.  Being all on wheels, the whole space is very agile and can be reconfigured in almost any way that they want.

When I was present it was being used for a staff meeting, allowing everyone to see everything and see each other.  It encouraged inclusivity and engagement.  The use of colour was attractive and eye catching and really drew people in.

This was only a small area - but one that certainly looked impressive.  

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