Friday, 9 May 2014

Clueless Hangers

I recently visited a brand new set of classrooms - the buildings are fab and the Head has really been robust about what he wants and, if not certain, not installed things, rather than putting in the wrong stuff.

As we chatted he noted that there were a couple of things that he overlooked - the devil is in the detail as they say!  Coat hooks were to be put in the classrooms - no problem … or so he thought.

Thirty coat hooks duly arrived from an established educational supplier -  I will not shame them here. Who ever did it has clearly never visited a school or done any research!  The hooks are SO close together that they are almost useless.  Imagine thirty students trying to put coats, hats, scarves, PE bags, other bags, etc all on these.

The other thing, although not visible in this photograph, is that they are so high up on the wall, my shoulder height, that half the pupils can't reach them!  It is barking mad!

It is rare to see a Headteacher lost for words (I should know) but he and the staff just were speechless .. or ...just too polite to say anything to me!

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