Friday, 19 September 2014

More storage in primary school halls

 I get increasingly depressed as I visit primary schools,  that all seem to have totally inadequate storage in their main halls.   These halls usually have to be multi functional spaces serving as dining halls, assembly halls, PE space as well as concert / performance halls with full adult audiences.

As a minimum there should be sufficient storage for all the following to be totally put away out of sight:  
  • dining tables and associated paraphernalia such as recycling trollies
  • demountable stage and sound / AV system
  • PE equipment
  • Adult chairs for a full concert performance from parents
  • Community store
Any of the above left out all the time becomes a health and safety hazard for PE, dance and drama lessons, restricts space, looks really messy and reduces the flexibility that should be available.

There is NEVER enough space allowed in school design guidelines - in designing new hall spaces all schools should demand more than  recommended guidelines and also demand that architects model how the storage will actually cope with the amount of 'stuff' that schools have to have to be able to function.  Current practice is not good enough!