Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Who needs chairs??

Interesting story from Seminole County in the USA about a classroom which has totally abandoned chairs for pupil working, rather adopting yoga balls instead.

The teacher is certain that the effort needed to keep upright, stimulates just enough of the brain to keep them more alert.  She reports improved engagement and attainment levels since adopting yoga balls.

This is not new however. Many people have heard me talk for years about having good quality chairs that allow the body the move, flex and stretch out.  That's why I like the 'Hokki' stool and 'Pantoswing' chair from VS - they are specifically designed to allow the body to move naturally.

Many people will not like the idea of yoga balls - but the concept that is highlights is very important! Young children are not designed to sit still for hours at an end and diet we still provide some shocking furniture in our schools that hinder good learning more than help.  How can that me right?

One of my key issues that it really does limit flexibility - they can't stack and will just take up so much space if the teacher wants to reconfigure the room.

To read the full story click here

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