Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Better design classrooms help attainment

I am delighted that at last the full report from the University of Salford was published at the end of February.

The report 'Clever Classrooms' reinforces that research they published in 2012 about the very positive influences that a well designed classroom can make on pupil engagement with learning and attainment.  I think we all know that, even if some try to ignore it.

This is a comprehensive piece of work that all involved with the design or learning spaces should be reading..  Maybe it may even help persuade some people about the importance of changing the habit of 'what we do is!'  I am still disappointed in schools where I go into classrooms that resemble a mixture of a jumble sale and an explosion in a paper factory.  How can anyone feel comfortable in working and learning in spaces like that?

This is a great piece of work  - I just hope that enough teachers read it and not just interested people like us.

To read the full report click here:

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