Monday, 14 March 2016

Dark Corridors

I was taken with this school image recently: the Hallway of Light, from the Church of the Good Shepard / Episcopal Day school in Augusta, USA.

It certainly is very dramatic, atmospheric and sculptural - it has presence, it establishes a mood...  but I just had to wonder, how realistic is it in a high school with multiple hundreds of students moving around.  The opportunities for passive supervision seem to be hindered and frankly it is potentially dangerous.  I am certain that it could not pass inspection in the UK with it's strict daylighting / safeguarding  requirements.  Who knows what could be happening down at the far end?

A colleague suggested that maybe it was a staff only area.  Whilst I don't know, I am sure that this is not the case but if so, how can some much design be put into a school in an area that students don't access - who is the building for?.

Dramatic - but frankly not a suitable design response for a school I suggest!

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